Steps Before Departure

A thorough preparation is of great importance to Peace Watch Switzerland. It gives our volunteers the necessary confidence and the tools to do well in the field and it gives us as organization the opportunity to get to know our volunteers before sending them into the field. PWS is accountable towards its partner organizations and the local citizens in project countries and carries great responsibility concerning a thorough preparation of volunteers.

1. Info session / Selfstudy

Each participant is expected to prepare individually to develop a profound understanding of the region, learn about human rights observation and fill their skill gaps as needed (computing, social media, skype, internet). Two information sessions can provide additionnal information on the projects (not obligatory). They are organized twice a year, generally in March and September.

2. Interview with the Project Coordinator

Interested participants are invited to fill the form, send it back to the project manager and set an appointment for a personal interview. At the end of this interview candidates will know if they can participate in the training.

2. Training

By enrolling in our training course you are not obliged to go on a mission. The training course ensures an ideal preparation. Effective Human Rights Accompaniment  requires knowledge and understanding of the conditions in the project country. The training course covers various aspects of the region (political situation, history of conflict, cultural aspects, role of Switzerland and Swiss actors in these contexts), the mandate of  Human Rights Observers, social skills, the knowledge needed to interact with the local population, government authorities, police, judges. The training can help you decide if you see yourself in one of our missions.

At the end of the training, participants will get the final decision (in accordance with our local partner) and given a mandate for the task of a Human Rights Observer.

4. Preparation for departure

Once the date of departure is set, the volunteer has to take the necessary steps: visa (if necessary), check insurances coverage, vaccinations etc. The project coordinator is always available for assistance.


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